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  • Saturday, Apr 8, 07:00 PM      Sunday, Apr 9, 02:00 AM

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  • Saturday, Aug 13, 02:00 AM      03:30 AM

    Watch on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/recklessgamingnetwork 
    Friday Night 10PM EST
    after parties are possible
    InfernalRage Gewchie Al Hoff Blackjack Ryan Gandhi  
    We have 3 new guests for our upcoming stream! Make sure you bring your questions, old and new, to ask the hosts. We will also be continuing the giveaways we missed last stream along with a few more games. You will want to watch from the beginning until the end to get your chance at all the giveaways. Our Reckless Friday stream consists of 6 RGN members just talking about the community, new games, new technology, engaging the viewers, taking questions and calls from the viewers, and overall just hanging out. 
    Drinking (casually) Game Giveaways DURING Stream LIVE Callers GIF worthy moments Learn new things about our hosts Tech Discussions Support Reckless Network by watching!

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  • Saturday, Sep 10, 10:00 PM      Sunday, Sep 11, 01:00 AM

    Ladies and Gentleman would you like to get your kill on?  I as sure as hell do!
    If so Join myself and a Handful of Founders such as the man @Ronduth for Reckless invasions.   
    Since the tragic death of our beloved server.  The administration would like one night a week were the Hard core RGNers come together and wreck havoc on other people servers. (All in good fun and within the rules!)   Such as Arma III, Rust, etc.  
    I am calling all run and gunners for this Saturday the 10th of September at 6pm Est Standard.  4 Tanoa Wasteland I have been having a absolute ball with this one & have money and armor for everyone.   So Please Pen Us in for Saturday Evening for some good old murder!   

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  • Sunday, Sep 11, 10:00 PM      10:59 PM

    Join your comrades in a WW2 Modded event, form a group and take on the Germans once again in a realistic WW2 setting! 
    You'll need the following mod only: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 
    Hope to see you there! 

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