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A home away from home, take a look into the mind that oversees the operation of the day to day lifestyle that you are accustomed to. Perhaps you'll find random CDkeys in the text, or better yet, my nudes. Take your pick, because it won't be both!

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Hoff #2 Gaming Dojo & Retirement

Hola amigos and amigas. It is another week, which means another attempt to show you what the Hoff has been doing. Much of the feedback from the previous entry suggests that showcasing the gaming dojo is a must. So I whipped out my iPhone and took some pics. Hopefully I do it justice. Also I will be sharing some info about my retirement as founder and why I decided to step away for awhile. Lez go!   GAMING DOJO Let me begin with where I used to have my setup, and the reasons that lead me to put forth the effort into creating a gaming dojo. I am a vault dweller, meaning my command center is in my basement (and my basement is underground, do you see?). Now my basement is nothing special just a concrete floor, cinder block foundation walls and open joist ceiling exposing the bottom of the sub-floor. A simple unfinished basement with no walls in the way. No walls is exactly what made it perfect allowing for virtually any combination of layout for various desks, tvs, walkways, and the sort. BUT it doesn’t allow for much decoration-- which is now more important to me than it used to be. Which is why I decided to take over a room in my basement that is a bit more finished. It used to be a bedroom, and I hauled everything out, gave it a deep clean, then moved it all in and started the decorations. It took a few days but its come full circle.   For some reason, as I am getting older the collection of novelty items is more appealing. I want to showcase all the things I love. I think it is some kind of gamer nerd pride, similar to someone who loves horses or cats. This means you will be seeing Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Fallout, and Mass Effect decor pretty obviously spread through the dojo. (look at the pictures!) I’m not a huge collector but when the holidays come around I throw some items in the ol' amazon wish list.     Now here is the meat and potatoes. A couples’ gaming desk setup. Created because Big Kahuna needs a place to game when he comes over. The desk and “server” rack that myself and Kahuna whipped up are of my own design. Nothing fancy and nothing too special. I was going to stain them, but I think I'll hold off for awhile. As you may be thinking: DAMN those legs! Yes 4x4 legs attached to the desks. Have you ever felt beef, because this is it.   Before the creation of the "server" rack I had both computers sitting on the desks. As you can probably imagine, that did not leave much room for accessories. I had to come up with some idea that met a few of my specifications and was easy to build given the tools I had at my disposal. Between the ideas of a showcasey mantle and little side tables, of which I wasn't feeling too hot on either-- In comes the rack. Big giant rack. The design is simple but it had to be created around the dimensions of my desks and dimensions of the computer cases. And be easily accessible, not hinder any airflow, etc. The rack itself is a 2x4 frame which is connected to the shelving unit and table top directly. The shelves themselves are MDF squares I cutup and used L brackets to mount. The tabletop is of the same materials the desk uses. Aspen and something else. Pretty straight forward and easy and surprisingly adds a unique element to the dual desk setup. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.   It’s a pretty enjoyable setup. After throwing in the RGB lightning and the nik-naks across it all. I can say that I am super happy how everything has come together. Even better that I have constructed it all to my specifications. So cool so custom much hip!    MY RETIREMENT Quite a few RGN members have messaged me saying “is this real life”. Yes it is real life. I have retired. BUT retiring and leaving are two separate things, which I need to make clear. Retired Staff or Retired Founders ARE STILL RGN MEMBERS. Unless that person wants to leave, and at that point they would no longer hold retired _something_. Just know I don’t want to leave RGN, I need some time away from the duties.   As a retiree I no longer bear the torch that continues the progression forward. I don't want to go into extreme detail as to why I have made this decision, but just know that it was not a careless thought. Rest assured I will come back hopefully some months down the line here. So, I have put forth my best effort and now it is time for others to continue the work, ideas, and progression that RGN needs. Pick up a project. Motivate yourself to help RGN. Sure most of are here to play video games, but if you complain about the status of RGN and all you do is video game-- then your complaints are not helping. Put the effort somewhere else. Example: Nowhere does it say a community member can't host a community meeting. For those of you who want promotions and are ready to claw at any chance given to you, take the initiatives. See the weakness and tackle it head-on. And be sure to advertise the hell out of what you are doing so people know! No shame in saying you are doing something for reckless. Show the leadership you have leadership potential. This is what we look for.   Hope you all enjoyed the entry, leave some comments and tell me what you want to know or have me talk about. I want to continue to put one out every week. I'm enjoying my informal writing! Let me know if you like my DOJO please! I want to know!!   - Hoff

Al Hoff

Al Hoff


Hoff #1 The Introduction

FIRST! Blog post on RGN. Where is my achievement? *cough* BILL *cough*. Welcome everyone to an Al Hoff original short, written, jumble of statements. I’ll attempt to release a new blog every week about all sorts of things. Perhaps my understanding of the universe? OR. Maybe it’s about some new music. Better yet-- all things nerd would be more appropriate. Some of you may even be the spark of rants or lengthy explanations. (Don’t get me too fired up please..)
So first things first, I’ll start with a short bio of myself so you understand what kind of MAN I am, which hopefully leaves you blissfully, hot and bothered. My name is AL, (not ai). I hail from Michigan. Currently 21, birthday coming up soon. I am enrolled in a product design program at my local university which will slap me with some form of bachelor degree at the end of the road. They have changed the name of the degree a few times since I have started so I don’t know what to call it. Mechanical Engineering Technology with a concentration in Computer Aided Design is what it was first called… maybe.. I did choose this plan of academia after switching from a Computer Science focus so I will more than likely be going over the traditional 4 year attendance.
Moving on, I am one of the Founders of Reckless Network-- a gaming community, computer enthusiasts, pokemon stop, cauldron of butthurt children's tears, website. If you don’t know what I do, then you have to take my word for it: I am on every day shredding barriers and overcoming obstacles for the betterment of Reckless. I enjoy the work, the constant brainstorming, discussions, planning, directing, and implementing solutions. (I think I work on RGN projects more than I play games?) 
Other than leading the charge here at home, the games I do play are a form of real time strategy and flight simulators. So Civilization, War Game, Starcraft. Warcraft (NOT WOW) just to name a few for you. I certainly enjoy all games, but I find myself over the years coming back to Civilization, Starcraft, or warcraft. My flight simulator is Arma… I KNOW WEAK. I have tried REAL flight simulators-- I just want more time and more people to do that with. So again. *cought* BILL *cough* drag me into your shit bro. Or anyone else if you want to fly with Captain Hoff. 
Again, moving on. Here at home (RGN) we have been working on a few projects and a few ideas are waiting to be implemented. Let’s start with the most obvious: blogs. We are launching blogs to help our content creators: CREATE and express themselves! At least that is the plan. If you don’t know what a blog is, well, you’re reading one. Currently only those in the writing team will be able to create blogs maybe as time goes on we will loosen the reigns and everyone and their mothers can talk about their backyard shenanigans. But you can get into the writing team fairly easily. (just ask infernalrage)
Now my first post here is not much about anything, just more so an introduction. I do have a some really good ideas for the next few upcoming blogs. I can drop some hints: “gaming dojo” “star trek” “new joystickssss”. Not sure what style or structure I will be continuing with as I test the waters here…. But still leave a comment, ask a question, laugh at me, or give genuine feedback. All is welcome inside my blog.

Al Hoff

Al Hoff

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