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  • About Reckless Network
    A brief history lesson and objectives

    Updated August 2016

  • Biography

    On October 23, 2015, the Reckless Gaming Network (RGN) was formed by a group of friends and passionate gamers to create a community where people of all backgrounds can come together and have an internet home. Reckless was created on the notion to provide a friendly and community oriented gaming community. RGN wanted to provide a home to the gamers out there that like to play with the friends and meet new like-minded people.

    The current five founders have been members of other gaming communities and we have leadership experience both inside and outside the community. Collectively, RGN was founded and formed a growing and dynamic community that thrives on member contribution. Reckless Gaming is a large gaming community and with it comes expenses, upkeep, management, development, and administration. These tasks require significant volunteer hours, and we maintain an active staff of users who are willing to donate their time to the betterment and long-term development of the community.

    We’re constantly evolving and improving the community based on feedback. Instead of focusing on one game or one server, we focus on the community and offer and environment beyond gaming. RGN is a place for a place for the avid gamer as much as for someone just looking to meet new people.

  • Our Member Roles



    Reckless Gaming Network was founded by 7 friends who came together to create a community and establish a name in the gaming realm. They are in charge of the community, the direction the community heads, and the management of the members along with the servers. They hold the final word and have the final say in all aspects related to RGN. However, many tasks are delegated to individuals who have proven their trust and loyalty to RGN. The Founder rank is a non-promotable rank, as it is only given to the original 7 creators.



    Battle hardened veterans of RGN who can talk about the good ‘ole days. They have been here since early inception of RGN and have proven time and time again that RGN is their home on the internet. While many of them may seem intimidating, they are actually friendly and approachable. Don’t be scared to approach one!


    Requirements: 18 continuous months of holding RGN membership and Founder majority vote



    Highly respected individuals in the community that have settled in RGN. They know their way around the place and they’ve seen a lot of changes. They can probably tell you a few funny stories about RGN and some of the changes. They’ve seen a lot and always supported the Founders at the end of the day.


    Requirements: 12 continuous months of holding RGN membership



    Just peaking over the year mark, Veteran members have a wealth of information about RGN. They came here for the community and they have stuck around for the community. We celebrate their 1 year anniversary within RGN and wish them many more


    Requirements: 7 continuous months of holding RGN membership



    Members who have finally settled in RGN and have upgraded from the newer ranks and are familiar with everything. They are likely to be getting more involved with positions and contributing more. They are still growing and developing in RGN and have shown dedication.


    Requirements: 3 months continuous of holding RGN membership



    Officially accepted into RGN and they hold their first rank. They have been vetted and approved into the community and are ready to get started. They are held to the same standards as any other rank within RGN and should be shown the same level of respect.


    Requirements: Application must have been accepted and approved, normally about 1-3 months in the application process



    Individuals interested in joining the RGN ranks. They’ve checked out what we have to offer and they like what they have seen. Their applications have been accepted and are looking to impress. Keep an eye out on these folks and make them feel welcome!


    Requirements: Apply to RGN and have an approved application



Reckless Network

Welcome to Reckless! We are a community made up of gamers, developers, writers, and friends. You provide the conversations and we provide the platform you can express yourself with. Come play with us as we explore various games new or old, and make some friends while you are here!