• About Reckless Network
    A brief history lesson and objectives

    Updated August 2016

  • Biography

    On October 23, 2015, the Reckless Gaming Network (RGN) was formed by a group of friends and passionate gamers to create a community where people of all backgrounds can come together and have an internet home. Reckless was created on the notion to provide a friendly and community oriented gaming community. RGN wanted to provide a home to the gamers out there that like to play with the friends and meet new like-minded people.

    All seven founders have been members of other gaming communities and we have leadership experience both inside and outside the community. Collectively, RGN was founded and formed a growing and dynamic community that thrives on member contribution. Reckless Gaming is a large gaming community and with it comes expenses, upkeep, management, development, and administration. These tasks require significant volunteer hours, and we maintain an active staff of users who are willing to donate their time to the betterment and long-term development of the community.

    We’re constantly evolving and improving the community based on feedback. Instead of focusing on one game or one server, we focus on the community and offer and environment beyond gaming. RGN is a place for a place for the avid gamer as much as for someone just looking to meet new people.

  • Our Member Roles



    There are 7 founders of the Reckless Gaming Network, these individuals came together to create the community and establish a name in the gaming realm. They are in charge of the community; it’s direction, and management of the members and servers. They have the final say in all aspects of RGN, but they choose to delegate many tasks to trusted individuals. The Founder rank is a non promotable rank, as it is only given to the original 7 creators.


    Staff Member

    Staff positions are given to those whom are big picture thinkers. These individuals are leaders of the community, assuming control and responsibility for many projects and members across RGN. These individuals are highly active and highly dedicated. These individuals work directly with Founders to manage the community.


    Core Member

    Members who advance to Core are trusted and active individuals within the community. They are seasoned, well versed in keeping their emotions in check, and capable of executing tasks given to them. This rank is the first stage in management of members, ensuring the duties and behaviors of their subordinates are in line. These individuals will primarily be working with each other to complete various tasks and further the development of RGN. 


    Senior Member

    Senior members are individuals that have stuck around with RGN through the thick and through the thin. They are given the opportunity to moderate game servers, judge player reports, and execute other clerical responsibilities given to them. Members in this group are typically expanding their arbitrator and administrative abilities, and are expected to be calm, methodical, and approach situations in a professional manner as to represent RGN in the best way possible.


    Veteran Member

    Those who have achieved the rank of Veteran Member are considered loyal and dedicated subjects to RGN. They do not have any explicit responsibilities except to have fun and engage those in and out of the community, while treating them with respect. These individuals may find themselves in special roles within the community leading various projects pending approval from leadership.


    Community Member

    Community Members have proven they are capable of wearing the RGN tags and upholding the RGN standards. It is in this stage an individual begins to formulate who they are and where they possibly fit within RGN, but at the same time they are expected to socialise with guests and other members to form bonds and relationships that make the time here in the community worthwhile.


    Recruit Member

    These individuals are upcoming members to RGN. This period of time reflects as a probationary measure to ensure the integrity of the individual while background checking processes occur. During this time the responses, interactions, activity, and dedication of the individual are carefully observed. An additional note is that RGN is an invite only community, therefore the only way to be invited is to be vouched for by an individual in RGN Leadership.


    All requirements are not hard limitations and it is possible for someone to be promoted prior to their eligible time based on their performance at the discretion of leadership. All recruitment and promotions are the discretion of leadership so meeting some of the requirements does not automatically make you eligible since there are qualities which can't be defined. Ranks are not an entitlement and they must be earned. Just being here a long time does not give seniority in line for promotions and being a certain rank does not make you ineligible for demotions if the duties of that specific rank aren't met.