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    • Ronduth

      Introductions! MUST READ!   03/13/2017

      We would love to see more player introductions on our introduction forum  https://recklessnetwork.com/forum/4-introductions/   Be detailed, let people know what you are interested in, what games you play, and where you hang out!  If you have not done an introduction yet, please consider as I miss reading them!
    • Ronduth

      CSGO 5v5 Tournament APRIL 8th 3 EST (12 PST)   03/20/2017

        CSGO 5v5 Tournament APRIL 8th 3 EST (12 PST)

      Who is Hosting? @Burka and @Connor are proud to announce that we will be hosting RGN’S third csgo tournament. Everyone is welcome and we encourage all of you to try it out! This event will be different from last time, this time it will be a draft pick instead of just forming a team with friends. This tourney is strictly for fun so this is why we are doing this.   When is the Tournament? The tournament will be held on APRIL 8th 3 EST (12 PST).  Draft day will be held the day before! @Casual Will be casting this event again as well!   How to enter! Fill out this short google doc https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZqLIZI_9EFvLQNXKd1mfhPhAgTBH6cka4yY-yskxGfSuf-Q/viewform HONEST ANSWERS ONLY ON THE GOOGLE DOC Be active on the forums and have at least a week old RGN forum account!
      OTHER INFO All captains will be RGN members. This is to keep it more organized for us. All Captains will be chosen by Me and Burka and must meet in teamspeak the day before ACTIVE DUTY MAPS ONLY!!! YES THAT MEANS NO DUST II. The maps that will be played are mirage , cache, overpass, nuke , train , cobble, inferno Maps will be best of 1 with a ban system. Each team will have 3 bans.
      Rules: 1. No Cheating, Cheating will result in your team’s removal and possible punishments on RGN 2. Have fun. It’s a game stay calm and don’t get salty because you get 360 no scoped 3. Be respectful to everyone participating. Not everyone is as good as you want them to be     *PRIZE TBD*
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